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Quantum Bit Strings and Prefix-Free Hilbert Spaces

  title={Quantum Bit Strings and Prefix-Free Hilbert Spaces},
  author={Markus M{\"u}ller and Caroline Rogers},
We give a mathematical framework for manipulating indeterminate-length quantum bit strings. In particular, we define prefixes, fragments, tensor products and concatenation of such strings of qubits, and study their properties and relationships. The results are then used to define prefix-free Hilbert spaces in a more general way than in previous work, without assuming the existence of a basis of length eigenstates. We prove a quantum analogue of the Kraft inequality, illustrate the results with… 

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It is shown that classical and quantum Kolmogorov complexity of binary strings agree up to an additive constant, and it follows that quantum complexity is an extension of classical complexity to the domain of quantum states.
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