Quantizing string theory in AdS5×S5: beyond the pp-wave

  title={Quantizing string theory in AdS5×S5: beyond the pp-wave},
  author={Curtis G Callan and Jr. and Hok Kong Lee and T. Mcloughlin and John H. Schwarz and Ian Swanson and Xinkai Wu},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
In a certain kinematic limit, where the effects of spacetime curvature (and other background fields) greatly simplify, the light-cone gauge world-sheet action for a type IIB superstring on AdS5 × S 5 reduces to that of a free field theory. It has been conjectured by Berenstein, Maldacena, and Nastase that the energy spectrum of this string theory matches the dimensions of operators in the appropriately defined large R-charge large-Nc sector of N = 4 supersymmetric Yang–Mills theory in four… Expand
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