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Quantization of open-closed BCOV theory, I

  title={Quantization of open-closed BCOV theory, I},
  author={Kevin J. Costello and Si Li},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
  • K. CostelloSi Li
  • Published 25 May 2015
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory
This is the first in a series of papers which analyze the problem of quantizing the theory coupling Kodaira-Spencer gravity (or BCOV theory) on Calabi-Yau manifolds using the formalism for perturbative QFT developed by the first author. In this paper, we focus on flat space $\mathbb{C}^d$ for $d$ odd. We prove that there exists a unique quantization of the theory coupling BCOV theory and holomorphic Chern-Simons theory with gauge group the supergroup $GL(N \mid N)$. We deduce a canonically… 

Twisted Supergravity and Koszul Duality: A Case Study in AdS$$_3$$

In this note, we study a simplified variant of the familiar holographic duality between supergravity on AdS$_3\times S^3\times T^4$ and the SCFT (on the moduli space of) the symmetric orbifold theory

Twisted supergravity and its quantization

Twisted supergravity is supergravity in a background where the bosonic ghost field takes a non-zero value. This is the supergravity counterpart of the familiar concept of twisting supersymmetric

Quantizing local holomorphic field theories on twistor space

This paper studies a class of four-dimensional quantum field theories which arise by quantizing local holomorphic field theories on twistor space. These theories have some remarkable properties: in

Holography and Koszul duality: the example of the $M2$ brane

Si Li and author suggested in that, in some cases, the AdS/CFT correspondence can be formulated in terms of the algebraic operation of Koszul duality. In this paper this suggestion is checked

Holomorphic Poisson Field Theories

We construct a class of quantum field theories depending on the data of a holomorphic Poisson structure on a piece of the underlying spacetime. The main technical tool relies on a characterization of

Twisted eleven-dimensional supergravity

We construct a fully interacting holomorphic/topological theory in eleven dimensions that is defined on products of Calabi–Yau fivefolds with real one-manifolds. The theory describes a particular

On Cohomological Algebras in Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theories

In this thesis we compute certain supersymmetric subsectors of the algebra of observables in some Quantum Field Theories (QFTs) and demonstrate an application of such computation in checking an

Quantization of topological-holomorphic field theories: local aspects

In both mathematics and physics, topological field theories and holomorphic field theories appear naturally, but there are interesting theories that are hybrids— looking topological in some

Factorization algebras and abelian CS/WZW-type correspondences

We develop a method of quantization for free field theories on manifolds with boundary where the bulk theory is topological in the direction normal to the boundary and a local boundary condition is



Quantum BCOV theory on Calabi-Yau manifolds and the higher genus B-model

Bershadsky-Cecotti-Ooguri-Vafa (BCOV) proposed that the B-model of mirror symmetry should be described by a quantum field theory on a Calabi-Yau variety, which they called the Kodaira-Spenser theory

Kodaira-Spencer theory of gravity and exact results for quantum string amplitudes

We develop techniques to compute higher loop string amplitudes for twistedN=2 theories withĉ=3 (i.e. the critical case). An important ingredient is the discovery of an anomaly at every genus in

The partition function of a topological field theory

This is the sequel to my paper ‘TCFTs and Calabi–Yau categories’, Advances in Mathematics 210 (2007) no. 1, 165–214. Here we extend the results of that paper to construct, for certain Calabi–Yau A∞

Gauge theory, topological strings, and S-duality

We offer a derivation of the duality between the topological U(1) gauge theory on a Calabi-Yau 3-fold and the topological A-model on the same manifold. This duality was conjectured recently by Iqbal,

Holography for (1,0) theories in six dimensions

A bstractM-theory and string theory predict the existence of many six-dimensional SCFTs. In particular, type IIA brane constructions involving NS5-, D6- and D8-branes conjecturally give rise to a

SU(5)-invariant decomposition of ten-dimensional Yang-Mills supersymmetry

Deformation Quantization of Poisson Manifolds

I prove that every finite-dimensional Poisson manifold X admits a canonical deformation quantization. Informally, it means that the set of equivalence classes of associative algebras close to the

Notes on A-infinity algebras, A-infinity categories and non-commutative geometry. I

We develop geometric approach to A-infinity algebras and A-infinity categories based on the notion of formal scheme in the category of graded vector spaces. Geometric approach clarifies several

The Floer Memorial Volume

Floer's work on monopoles.- Monopoles on asymptotically flat manifolds.- The configuration space of Yang-Mills-Higgs theory on asymptotically flat manifolds.- Instanton homology and Dehn surgery.-