Quantization of Einstein-aether scalar field cosmology

  title={Quantization of Einstein-aether scalar field cosmology},
  author={Nikolaos Dimakis and Theodoros Pailas and Andronikos Paliathanasis and Genly Leon and Petros Terzis and Theodosios Christodoulakis},
  journal={arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology},
We present, for the first time, the quantization process for the Einstein-aether scalar field cosmology. We consider a cosmological theory proposed as a Lorentz violating inflationary model, where the aether and scalar fields interact through the assumption that the aether action constants are ultra-local functions of the scalar field. For this specific theory there is a valid minisuperspace description which we use to quantize. For a particular relation between the two free functions entering… 

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