Quantization effects in the polyphase N-path IIR structure

  title={Quantization effects in the polyphase N-path IIR structure},
  author={Artur Krukowski and Richard C. S. Morling and Izzet Kale},
  journal={IMTC 2001. Proceedings of the 18th IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference. Rediscovering Measurement in the Age of Informatics (Cat. No.01CH 37188)},
  pages={1382-1385 vol.2}
  • A. Krukowski, R. Morling, I. Kale
  • Published 1 December 2002
  • Computer Science
  • IMTC 2001. Proceedings of the 18th IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference. Rediscovering Measurement in the Age of Informatics (Cat. No.01CH 37188)
Polyphase IIR structures have proved themselves very attractive for very high performance filters that can be designed using very few coefficients. This combined with their low sensitivity to coefficient quantization in comparison to standard FIR and IIR structures makes them very applicable for very fast filtering when implemented in fixed point arithmetic. However, although the mathematical description is very simple, there exist a number of ways to implement such filters. In this paper we… 

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