Quantitatively estimating defects in graphene devices using discharge current analysis method

  title={Quantitatively estimating defects in graphene devices using discharge current analysis method},
  author={Ukjin Jung and Young Gon Lee and Chang Goo Kang and Sangchul Lee and Jin Ju Kim and Hyeon June Hwang and Sung Kwan Lim and Moon-Ho Ham and Hyeon Jun Hwang},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
Defects of graphene are the most important concern for the successful applications of graphene since they affect device performance significantly. However, once the graphene is integrated in the device structures, the quality of graphene and surrounding environment could only be assessed using indirect information such as hysteresis, mobility and drive current. Here we develop a discharge current analysis method to measure the quality of graphene integrated in a field effect transistor… CONTINUE READING

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