Quantitative ultrasound image analysis of the supraspinatus muscle.

  title={Quantitative ultrasound image analysis of the supraspinatus muscle.},
  author={Palle K Nielsen and Bente Rona Jensen and T. Darvann and Kurt J\orgensen and Merete Bakke},
  journal={Clinical biomechanics},
  volume={15 Suppl 1},
OBJECTIVE To develop and validate a method, based on quantitative ultrasound image analysis, to objectively analyse and characterize the ultrasound images of m. supraspinatus. DESIGN Quantitative ultrasonography was performed on the supraspinatus muscle of 14 healthy subjects. METHODS A computerized analysis using first-order grey-scale statistics to evaluate the muscle tissue composition was developed and validated. RESULTS Data from one scanning site were not representative for the… CONTINUE READING

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