Quantitative method for estimating fecal amino acids.


We describe a method for quantitatively estimating 24 ninhydrin-reacting substances, including the commoner amino acids, in fecal dialysate prepared from ingested dialysis bags retrieved from fresh stool. It is accurate to 2 mumol of alpha-amino nitrogen per liter of fecal dialysate, and for most substances recovery of added standards is 100%. It involves dilution, ultrafiltration, and automated ion-exchange column chromatography of the dialysate. Some normal values are provided.

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@article{Owens1975QuantitativeMF, title={Quantitative method for estimating fecal amino acids.}, author={Charles W Owens and Walfredo Padovan}, journal={Clinical chemistry}, year={1975}, volume={21 10}, pages={1437-40} }