Quantitative image analysis of p53 protein accumulation in keratoacanthomas.

  title={Quantitative image analysis of p53 protein accumulation in keratoacanthomas.},
  author={Andrew A. Borkowski and William P. Bennett and Raymond T. Jones and Pawel Borkowski and C. C. Harris and Leonardo L. Ferreira and Grace F Kao and Benjamin F. Trump},
  journal={The American Journal of dermatopathology},
  volume={17 4},
Keratoacanthomas are benign skin tumors that grow rapidly but eventually regress. They occur most commonly in sun-exposed skin and are histologically remarkably similar to squamous cancers. Since mutations of the p53 tumor suppressor gene are found frequently in cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas, we hypothesized that p53 mutations might contribute to the development of keratoacanthomas. To address this question, we did p53 immunohistochemistry with a polyclonal rabbit antiserum, CM-1, that… CONTINUE READING