Quantitative histology of myeloma-induced bone changes.

  title={Quantitative histology of myeloma-induced bone changes.},
  author={Alexandre Valentin-Opran and S A Charhon and Pierre Jean Meunier and Claude M. Edouard and Monique E. Arlot},
  journal={British journal of haematology},
  volume={52 4},
In order to quantify bone changes which occur in multiple myeloma, undecalcified transiliac bone biopsies from 118 myelomatous patients were analysed by histomorphometric methods. Osteoclastic resorption surfaces were increased compared with controls, and the number of osteoclasts/mm2 of bone section was significantly greater in the areas massively invaded by plasma cells than in less invaded areas. The osteoid surfaces were also increased and the percentage of trabeculae that exhibited… CONTINUE READING