Quantitative expression profile of PSGR in prostate cancer

  title={Quantitative expression profile of PSGR in prostate cancer},
  author={Linda L. Xu and C Sun and Gyorgy Petrovics and Mazen Makarem and Bungo Furusato and Wenxuan Zhang and Isabell A. Sesterhenn and David G. Mcleod and Le-gang Sun and Judd W. Moul and Shiv Srivastava},
  journal={Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases},
PSGR is a novel member of the G-protein-coupled olfactory receptor family. Our initial report showed predominant expression of the PSGR in human prostate gland and significant alterations of PSGR expression in primary prostate cancer (CaP) specimens. The aim of this study was to provide in-depth evaluations of the expression profile of PSGR in prostatic epithelial cells of CaP patients and to evaluate the association of PSGR expression characteristics with clinico-pathologic features. In total… CONTINUE READING