Quantitative evaluation of a pediatric rheumatology transition program

  title={Quantitative evaluation of a pediatric rheumatology transition program},
  author={Paul T. Jensen and Jill Karnes and Karla B Jones and Amy M. Lehman and Robert M. Rennebohm and Gloria C. Higgins and Charles H. Spencer and Stacy Payne Ardoin},
  booktitle={Pediatric rheumatology online journal},
BACKGROUND Transition from pediatric to adult care can be a challenging process which leaves young people vulnerable to interruptions of care and worsening disease status. Efforts to improve transition processes and outcomes have included development of individualized transition plans, creation of transition clinics, and utilization of transition coordinators. Few interventions have assessed transition outcomes quantitatively. METHODS We assessed transition outcome and satisfaction of a… CONTINUE READING
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