Quantitative electroencephalographic subtyping of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  title={Quantitative electroencephalographic subtyping of obsessive-compulsive disorder.},
  author={Leslie S. Prichep and Fernando Mas and Eric Hollander and Michael R. Liebowitz and E. Roy John and Muhammad Almas and C M Decaria and Ronald Harold Levine},
  journal={Psychiatry research},
  volume={50 1},
Current neuropsychological, electrophysiological, and other imaging data strongly suggest the existence of a neurobiological basis for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which was long considered to be exclusively of psychogenic origin. The positive response of some OCD patients to neurosurgery, as well as the efficacy of agents that selectively block serotonin reuptake, lends further support to a biological involvement. However, a survey of the treatment literature reveals that only 45-62… CONTINUE READING