Quantitative digital analysis of diffuse and concentrated nuclear distributions of nascent transcripts, SC35 and poly(A).

  title={Quantitative digital analysis of diffuse and concentrated nuclear distributions of nascent transcripts, SC35 and poly(A).},
  author={Fredric S. Fay and Krishan L. Taneja and Satish Shenoy and Larry M Lifshitz and Robert H Singer},
  journal={Experimental cell research},
  volume={231 1},
Digital imaging microscopy was used to analyze the spatial distribution and levels of newly synthesized RNA in relation to steady-state poly(A) RNA and to the splicing factor SC35. Transcription was monitored over time after microinjection of BrUTP and was detected using antibodies. Poly(A) RNA was detected with probes directly conjugated to fluorochromes, allowing direct detection of the hybrids. Objective methods were used to determine genuine signal. A defined threshold level to separate… CONTINUE READING
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