Quantitative determination of salivary components in the pellicle on PMMA denture base material

  title={Quantitative determination of salivary components in the pellicle on PMMA denture base material},
  author={Reinhard G{\"o}cke and F. Gerath and H. von Schwanewede},
  journal={Clinical Oral Investigations},
The formation of a salivary pellicle is a protective mechanism of the body for all surfaces in the oral cavity. The nature of the substrate may influence the composition of the pellicle. The aim of this study was to investigate the quantitative composition and individual variation of the salivary pellicle formed on denture base material (PMMA). Cylindrical specimens of PMMA were carried in the mouth and then desorbed with a 0.5-M sodium chloride solution. The solution was analysed for total… CONTINUE READING
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