Quantitative computer simulations of biomolecules: A snapshot


A recent workshop titled "Quantitative Computational Biophysics" at Florida State University provided an overview of the state of the art in quantitative modeling of biomolecular systems. The presentations covered a wide range of interrelated topics, including the development and validation of force fields, the modeling of protein-protein interactions, the sampling of conformational space, and the assessment of equilibration and statistical errors. Substantial progress in all these areas was reported.

DOI: 10.1002/jcc.20819

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@article{Yang2007QuantitativeCS, title={Quantitative computer simulations of biomolecules: A snapshot}, author={Wei Yang and Hugh Nymeyer and Huan-Xiang Zhou and Bernd A. Berg and Rafael Br{\"{u}schweiler}, journal={Journal of computational chemistry}, year={2007}, volume={29 4}, pages={668-72} }