Quantitative changes in protein expression of cadmium-exposed poplar plants.

  title={Quantitative changes in protein expression of cadmium-exposed poplar plants.},
  author={Pol Kieffer and Jacques Domm{\`e}s and Lucien Hoffmann and J. -F. Hausman and Jenny Renaut},
  volume={8 12},
Cadmium (Cd) pollution is a worldwide major concern having, among others, deleterious effects on plants. In the present work, the effects of a 20 microM Cd exposure in hydroponics culture during 14 days were evaluated in young poplar leaves. Proteins were analysed by 2-D DIGE, followed by MALDI-TOF-TOF identification. Additionally, growth and other physiological parameters were monitored during the experiment. Treated plants exhibited an inhibition of growth and visual symptoms appeared after 7… CONTINUE READING
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