Quantitative assessment of climate change and human impacts on long-term hydrologic response : a case study in a sub-basin of the Yellow River , China

  title={Quantitative assessment of climate change and human impacts on long-term hydrologic response : a case study in a sub-basin of the Yellow River , China},
  author={Jiahu Wang and Yang Hong and Jonathan J. Gourley and Pradeep Adhikari and L Lia and Fengge Sud},
In this study we developed an impact factor formula (IFF) to quantitatively attribute separately the impacts of climate change and local human activities on hydrological response (i.e. run-off) in a sub-basin of Yellow River for the period 1950–2000. Using the daily climatic data, we first calibrated and verified the variable infiltration capacity (VIC) hydrological model to the baseline period 1955–1970. Then we developed the basin’s natural run-off for the following three decades (1971–2000… CONTINUE READING


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