Quantitative arthroscopic ultrasound evaluation of living human cartilage.

  title={Quantitative arthroscopic ultrasound evaluation of living human cartilage.},
  author={Koji Hattori and Yoshinori Takakura and Masao Ishimura and Takashi Habata and Kota Uematsu and Ken Ikeuch},
  journal={Clinical biomechanics},
  volume={19 2},
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether living human articular cartilage can be evaluated quantitatively by means of a new diagnostic technique that introduces an ultrasonic probe into the knee joint under arthroscopy and then analyzes the A-mode echogram by means of wavelet transformation. DESIGN Intact and injured sites of living human articular cartilage were evaluated under arthroscopy. The maximum magnitude and the echo duration (defined as the length of time that included 95% of echo signal… CONTINUE READING

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