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Quantitative analysis on carbon storage of 25 valuable tree species of Gujarat, incredible India

  title={Quantitative analysis on carbon storage of 25 valuable tree species of Gujarat, incredible India},
  author={Ishan Y. Pandya and Harshad D. Salvi and Omprakash Chahar and Nilesh Vaghela},
  journal={Indian journal of scientific research},
Trees are carbon reservoir on earth. In nature, photosynthesis is the unique mechanism through which carbon flows in ecosystems and utilize by plants in the form of CO2. World wide, we are losing the number of trees every year; the reasons are known to everybody which leads to the climate change globally. From the available data of tree's girth and height we estimated the carbon storage by non-destructive or allometric method. We estimated the carbon storage in 25 species belongs to Gujarat… 

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