Quantitative analysis of the polarization fields and absorption changes in InGaN/GaN quantum wells with electroabsorption spectroscopy

  title={Quantitative analysis of the polarization fields and absorption changes in InGaN/GaN quantum wells with electroabsorption spectroscopy},
  author={F. Renner and Peter Kiesel and Gottfried H. D{\"o}hler and Michael Kneissl and Chris G. Van de Walle and Noble M. Johnson},
  journal={Applied Physics Letters},
Electroabsorption measurements are reported for wurtzite InGaN/GaN quantum wells. The electroabsorption technique allows exact quantitative analysis of absorption and absorption changes in InGaN quantum wells and barrier layers, with recorded field-induced absorption changes as large as 7000 cm−1 below and almost 20000 cm−1 above the band edge. The technique thus allows precise determination of the strong internal fields that originate from strain-induced polarization and differences in… 

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  • Physics, Materials Science
    12th International Conference on Semiconducting and Insulating Materials, 2002. SIMC-XII-2002.
  • 2002
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