Quantitative analysis of parallel nanowire array assembly by dielectrophoresis.

  title={Quantitative analysis of parallel nanowire array assembly by dielectrophoresis.},
  author={Stergios Papadakis and Joan A Hoffmann and David M. Deglau and Andrew R. Chen and Pawan Tyagi and David H. Gracias},
  volume={3 3},
We describe an assembly technique useful for generating ordered arrays of nanowires (NWs) between electrodes via dielectrophoresis (DEP) and an analysis technique useful for extracting quantitative information about the local electric fields and dielectrophoretic forces from video microscopy data. By tuning the magnitude of the applied electric fields such that the attractive forces on the NWs are of the same order of magnitude as the Brownian forces, and by taking advantage of the inter-NW… CONTINUE READING