Quantitative analysis of microbial biomass yield in aerobic bioreactor.


We have studied the integrated model of reaction rate equations with thermal energy balance in aerobic bioreactor for food waste decomposition and showed that the integrated model has the capability both of monitoring microbial activity in real time and of analyzing biodegradation kinetics and thermal-hydrodynamic properties. On the other hand, concerning… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/S1001-0742(14)60647-1


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@article{Watanabe2013QuantitativeAO, title={Quantitative analysis of microbial biomass yield in aerobic bioreactor.}, author={Osamu Watanabe and Satoru Isoda}, journal={Journal of environmental sciences}, year={2013}, volume={25 Suppl 1}, pages={S155-60} }