Quantitative analysis of lateral osteotomies in rhinoplasty.


OBJECTIVE To statistically analyze the long-term results of osteotomy after rhinoplasty. DESIGN In a consecutive series of 51 patients who underwent reduction rhinoplasty from May 1, 2000, through September 30, 2003, all underwent the same method of bilateral lateral osteotomies, performed by one of us. Twenty patients agreed to participate in this study… (More)


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@article{Kortbus2006QuantitativeAO, title={Quantitative analysis of lateral osteotomies in rhinoplasty.}, author={Michael J Kortbus and Jongwook Ham and Frank P Fechner and Minas S Constantinides}, journal={Archives of facial plastic surgery}, year={2006}, volume={8 6}, pages={369-73} }