[Quantitative analysis of circulatory radiograms using computers].


A technique of quantitative RCG analysis is proposed and tested. It enables the unbiased evaluation of regional hemodynamics phases and of the relation between blood flow rate in arterial and venous beds. The technique is based on calculating the first derivative of the radiocirculogram. The specially developed program may be executed by the computer (ZBM… (More)


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@article{Pilipenko1984QuantitativeAO, title={[Quantitative analysis of circulatory radiograms using computers].}, author={Nikolay Pilipenko and L K Shmets and P. V. Voloshin and Tamara Mishchenko and D K Abramovich-Poliakov}, journal={Meditsinskaia tekhnika}, year={1984}, volume={1}, pages={19-23} }