Quantitative Volume Analysis Of Coronary Vessel Systems By 3-D Reconstruction From Biplane Angiograms

  title={Quantitative Volume Analysis Of Coronary Vessel Systems By 3-D Reconstruction From Biplane Angiograms},
  author={Andreas Wahle and Ernst Wellnhofer and Ignace Mugaragu and Hans U. Sauer and Helmut Oswald and Eckart Fleck},
  journal={1993 IEEE Conference Record Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference},
Quantitative evaluations on coronary vessel systems are of increasing importance in cardio-vascular diagnosis, therapy planning and surgical verification. Local evaluations, like stenosis analysis, are already available with sufficient accuracy. On the other hand, global evaluations on vessel segments or vessel subsystems are not yet common. Especially for the &agnosis of diffuse coronary artery diseases, we combined a 3-D reconstruction system operating on biplane angiogram with a length… CONTINUE READING


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