Quantitative Narrative Analysis—What It Can and Cannot Tell Us About Lynching

  title={Quantitative Narrative Analysis—What It Can and Cannot Tell Us About Lynching},
  author={S. Tolnay},
  journal={Sociological Methodology},
  pages={91 - 93}
  • S. Tolnay
  • Published 2012
  • Sociology
  • Sociological Methodology
Franzosi, De Fazio, and Vicari (this volume, 2012:1-42) propose a strategy for using details contained in narrative accounts of social events to give life to the actors in those events and to reveal agency on the part of those actors. They use the history of lynching in the state of Georgia to demonstrate an application of the proposed meth odological tool, Quantitative Narrative Analysis (QNA). Early in this paper Franzosi and colleagues describe their primary objective as methodological… Expand
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Ways of Measuring
  • 2012
Ways of Measuring Agency: An Application of Quantitative Narrative Analysis to Lynchings in Georgia (1875-1930)
  • Sociological Methodology
  • 2012
Targeting Lynch Victims: Social Marginality or Status Transgressions
  • American Sociological Review
  • 2011
Tolnay is the S. Frank Miyamoto Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington
  • and coauthor, with E. M. Beck, of A Festival of Violence: An Analysis of Southern Lynchings
  • 1995