Quantitative MR Imaging of Brain Tissue and Brain Pathologies

  title={Quantitative MR Imaging of Brain Tissue and Brain Pathologies},
  author={Elke Hattingen and Alina Jurcoane and Michael Nelles and Andreas Mueller and Ulrike N{\"o}th and Burkhard M{\"a}dler and Petra M{\"u}rtz and Ralf Deichmann and Hans Heinz Schild},
  journal={Clinical Neuroradiology},
Measurement of basic quantitative magnetic resonance (MR) parameters (e.g., relaxation times T1, T2*, T2 or respective rates R (1/T)) corrected for radiofrequency (RF) coil bias yields different conventional and new tissue contrasts as well as volumes for tissue segmentation. This approach also provides quantitative measures of microstructural and… CONTINUE READING