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Quantitative Investigation of the General Wayne Inn

  title={Quantitative Investigation of the General Wayne Inn},
  author={Michaeleen C. Maher},
  journal={Journal of Parapsychology},
  • M. C. Maher
  • Published 1 September 2000
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Parapsychology
ABSTRACT: Apparitions and poltergeist-like disturbances were reported by the owner and employees of awayside inn in Merion, Pennsylvania. The legend that a "ghost" haunted the premises had persisted for more than 2 centuries. Quantitative measures tested 3 sensitives and 3 controls. Participants marked on floor plans locations where they sensed a ghost (sensitives) or where they believed a credulous person might report a ghost (controls). Participants also responded to a checklist containing… 

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