Quantitative EEG in never-treated schizophrenic patients.

  title={Quantitative EEG in never-treated schizophrenic patients.},
  author={Masao Omori and Yoshifumi Koshino and Tetsuhito Murata and Ichijiro Murata and Masami Nishio and Kana Sakamoto and Toru Horie and Kiminori Isaki},
  journal={Biological psychiatry},
  volume={38 5},
To clarify whether patients with schizophrenia still show EEG slowing in the absence of psychopharmacological treatment, EEG was analyzed in 20 acute never-treated schizophrenics and 20 age-matched healthy controls using the computerized wave-form recognition method. Compared to controls, schizophrenics had more fast theta (6-8 Hz) and slow alpha (8-9 Hz) activity, and less fast alpha activity (9-13 Hz). The average EEG frequency at O1 correlated negatively with total and positive symptom… CONTINUE READING

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