Quantitative Approaches to Political Intelligence

  title={Quantitative Approaches to Political Intelligence},
  author={Richards J. Heuer},
  • R. Heuer
  • Published 8 October 1978
  • Political Science

The best of both worlds? a hybrid approach to intelligence and research

EU INTCEN: a transnational European culture of intelligence analysis?

ABSTRACT This article aims to gain a better understanding of EU INTCEN’s analytic culture and the use of structured analytic techniques by EU analysts; an under researched topic in the intelligence

Lying, deception and strategic omission : definition and evaluation

This thesis aims at improving the definition and evaluation of deceptive strategies that can manipulate information by taking the perspective of military intelligence data processing to offer a typology of informational messages based on the descriptive dimensions of truth and honesty and proposing a numerical procedure to evaluate these messagesbased on the evaluative dimensions of credibility and reliability.

Putting a Little More “Time” into Strategic Intelligence Analysis

Insights and models from the subfield of political development—timing and sequencing, temporality and long-term processes, and intercurrence—can improve the work of strategic intelligence analysts by

Computational social science and intelligence analysis

Abstract Computational Social Science (CSS) is an emerging, interdisciplinary approach to the study of social systems. This chapter provides readers with an introduction to CSS, and discusses why

Improving strategic intelligence analytical practice through qualitative social research*

Abstract This article explores whether qualitative research methodologies can help improve strategic analytical processes and products. Currently, in many intelligence agencies, cultural and


ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЕ ЭЛЕКТРОННЫХ БАЗ ДАННЫХ В ИССЛЕДОВАНИИ ТЕРРОРИЗМА В статье представлены основные электронные базы данных, специализирующиеся на исследовании терроризма. Значительное внимание уделено

Applying Qualitative Social Research Designs and Methodologies to Improve the Rigour of Strategic Intelligence Analytical Practice 1

The parallels between qualitative research design, collection and analytical processes used in strategic intelligence suggest that more explicit uses of qualitative methodologies, methods and tools in strategic analysis may improve assessments.

Advanced Analysis Cognition: Improving the Cognition of Intelligence Analysis

Abstract : A prior effort, State of Knowledge Relative to Intelligence Analysis, was initially motivated by the fact that seemingly little change had resulted from numerous studies of the