Quantitative Analysis of Wheat Proteins in Different Varieties Grown In Sindh, Pakistan


Fourteen wheat varieties (Kiran-95, Amber, Sindh-90, Sarsabz, Khirman, Jauher-18, Mehran-89, Anmol-91, TJ-83, GP-256, GP-205, Marvi, and Soghat) collected from Nuclear Institute of Agriculture (NIA) and one unknown from local market, were analyzed for quantitative determination of proteins in term of suitability of wheat variety for baking purpose and nutritional point of view. The crude protein in all varieties was found in the range 8-15%. ANOVA analysis of results revealed the significant variation (P<0.05) in crude proteins among the selected varieties of wheat with coefficient of variability 0.065-0.713. The highest concentration of total protein found in variety Anmol (15.420.03) while the lowest concentration was detected in Local wheat variety (8.28  0.06). The all wheat varieties soluble and insoluble fraction were quantified; the range of albumin was found as 17.0-22.4%, whereas the globulin content was in the range of 5.0-7.82%. The values of glutenin were 43.0-50.43%, while gliadin comprised 21.63-27.80% of total protein. The ratio of gliadin/glutenin varied from 1.6-2.2, indicating good quality of wheat varieties for baking purposes and have good nutrition status. The variety Anmol ranked high and can be used for breeding purpose to enhance nutritional status of consumers. Keywords; bakeries, glutenin, gliadin ,wheat varieties, wheat protein fractions,.

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