Quantitative Analysis of Endodontic Treatment for Periapical Lesions in Intraoral Radiographs


Intraoral radiographs have been taken to diagnose periapical lesions. Subsequent endodontic treatment needs to be evaluated quantitatively, that is often difficult due to various imaging factors as well as subjective visual interpretation. Therefore, we sought to establish an image analysis based quantitative model to evaluate endodontic treatments (40 effective and 43 noneffective cases). To normalize an image, the dentin area and the background were used as references. In each pair of images representing before and after treatment, the lesion area was manually selected by experts and segmented by tophat operation. Numerous features representing the effective bone healing were calculated. Using relative differences of selected features, an evaluation model was derived by logistic regression analysis. Gray level intensity and textural differences obtained from lesions significantly increased in the effectively treated cases. The model provided the accuracy of 80.7%. Our quantitative model may be helpful to evaluate endodontic treatment in clinical settings and in animal studies. Keywords-dental image analysis; endodontic treatment; intraoral radiograph; periapical lesion; bone remodeling

DOI: 10.1109/BIBE.2009.34

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