Quantitative Analyse der Korallenbesiedlung eines Vorriffareals bei Aqaba (Rotes Meer)

  title={Quantitative Analyse der Korallenbesiedlung eines Vorriffareals bei Aqaba (Rotes Meer)},
  author={Hans Mergner and Hans Schuhmacher},
  journal={Helgol{\"a}nder Meeresuntersuchungen},
Previous descriptions of the ecology and zonation of Aqaba reefs (Mergner & Schuhmacher, 1974) are supplemented by this quantitative study of a test quadrat (5×5 m in size), randomly chosen in some 10 m depth in the middle fore reef of a coastal fringing reef. Of the total surface of 25 m2 Cnidaria represent 42.31%, sponges 0.17%, calcareous algae 0.20%, dead coral rock and pebble 30.27% and sand and coral debris 26.15%. The cnidarian cover is roughly equally contributed by 50.86% Scleractinia… CONTINUE READING


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