Quantitative 3-D imaging of eukaryotic cells using soft X-ray tomography.

  title={Quantitative 3-D imaging of eukaryotic cells using soft X-ray tomography.},
  author={Dilworth Y. Parkinson and Gerry McDermott and L. D. Etkin and Mark A Le Gros and Carolyn A Larabell},
  journal={Journal of structural biology},
  volume={162 3},
Imaging has long been one of the principal techniques used in biological and biomedical research. Indeed, the field of cell biology grew out of the first electron microscopy images of organelles in a cell. Since this landmark event, much work has been carried out to image and classify the organelles in eukaryotic cells using electron microscopy. Fluorescently labeled organelles can now be tracked in live cells, and recently, powerful light microscope techniques have pushed the limit of optical… CONTINUE READING


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