Quantitation of scleral tobramycin levels.

  title={Quantitation of scleral tobramycin levels.},
  author={Robert W. Snyder and Claudia Gualtieri and Jacob C Jahnke and P B Hemmady and M McDermott},
  journal={Journal of ocular pharmacology},
  volume={7 2},
We have devised a new method to solubilize sclera in order to permit quantitative determination of tobramycin by commercially available and widely utilized means. The sclera, containing tobramycin, was digested with Alcalase (Subtilisn A, NOVO Enzymes) and the tobramycin level was quantitated by TDX autoflourophotometry. This technique is accurate and sensitive. The tissue digestion and antibiotic assay are relatively simple to perform and should be applicable to a variety of antibiotics and… Expand
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