Quantitation of eosinophil Major Basic Protein cytotoxicity to rodent respiratory epithelium

  title={Quantitation of eosinophil Major Basic Protein cytotoxicity to rodent respiratory epithelium},
  author={Philip Tagari and P. Chee and Chi-Chung Chan and Katherine T. McKee and Cheryl Black and Donald W. Nicholson and Anthony W. Ford-Hutchinson},
  journal={Agents and Actions},
Eosinophil Major Basic Protein (MBP) may be a potent effector in damaging airway epithelium and inducing acute (2–3 h) hyperresponsiveness to agonists in primates. Accordingly, interactions between human eosinophil MBP and guinea-pig airway epithelium were quantitated biochemically. MBP was extracted from human eosinophils and purified by size-exclusion HPLC. This resulted in a single protein band on electrophoresis, which cross-reacted with antisera raised to peptides derived from the… CONTINUE READING


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