Quantised relativistic membranes and non-perturbative checks of gauge/gravity duality

  title={Quantised relativistic membranes and non-perturbative checks of gauge/gravity duality},
  author={Veselin G. Filev and Denjoe O’Connor},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Conference Series},
We test the background geometry of the BFSS model using a D4–brane probe. This proves a sensitive test of the geometry and we find excellent agreement with the D4–brane predictions based on the solution of a membrane corresponding to the D4–brane propagating on this background. 



Gauge/gravity duality and lattice simulations of one dimensional SYM with sixteen supercharges

We study the gauge/gravity duality for supersymmetric SU(N) Yang-Mills theory in 1+0 dimension with sixteen supercharges using lattice simulations. The conjectured duality states that the gravity

Higher derivative corrections to black hole thermodynamics from supersymmetric matrix quantum mechanics.

The power of the subleading term is shown to be nicely reproduced by the Monte Carlo data obtained nonperturbatively on the gauge theory side at finite but large effective (dimensionless) 't Hooft coupling constant.

Toward holographic reconstruction of bulk geometry from lattice simulations

A bstractA black hole described in SU(N ) gauge theory consists of N D-branes. By separating one of the D-branes from others and studying the interaction between them, the black hole geometry can be

Numerical tests of the gauge/gravity duality conjecture for D0-branes at finite temperature and finite N

According to the gauge/gravity duality conjecture, the thermodynamics of gauge theory describing D-branes corresponds to that of black branes in superstring theory. We test this conjecture directly

Chiral symmetry breaking and pions in nonsupersymmetric gauge / gravity duals

We study gravity duals of large N nonsupersymmetric gauge theories with matter in the fundamental representation by introducing a D7-brane probe into deformed AdS backgrounds. In particular, we

Supergravity and The Large N Limit of Theories With Sixteen Supercharges

We consider field theories with sixteen supersymmetries, which include U(N) Yang-Mills theories in various dimensions, and argue that their large N limit is related to certain supergravity solutions.

Black hole thermodynamics from simulations of lattice Yang-Mills theory

We report on lattice simulations of 16 supercharge SU(N) Yang-Mills quantum mechanics in the 't Hooft limit. Maldacena duality conjectures that in this limit the theory is dual to IIA string theory,

Precision lattice test of the gauge/gravity duality at large N

We perform a systematic, large-scale lattice simulation of D0-brane quantum mechanics. The large-$N$ and continuum limits of the gauge theory are taken for the first time at various temperatures

The Large-N Limit of Superconformal Field Theories and Supergravity

We show that the large-N limits of certainconformal field theories in various dimensions includein their Hilbert space a sector describing supergravityon the product of anti-de Sitter spacetimes,

A computer test of holographic flavour dynamics

A bstractWe perform computer simulations of the Berkooz-Douglas (BD) matrix model, holographically dual to the D0/D4-brane intersection. We generate the fundamental condensate versus bare mass curve