Quantisation of Lorentz invariant scalar field theory in non-commutative space-time and its consequence

  title={Quantisation of Lorentz invariant scalar field theory in non-commutative space-time and its consequence},
  author={E. Harikumar and Vishnu Rajagopal},
  journal={Nuclear Physics B},
Quantisation of Lorentz invariant scalar field theory in Doplicher-Fredenhagen-Roberts (DFR) space-time, a Lorentz invariant, non-commutative space-time is studied. Absence of a unique Lagrangian in non-commutative space-time necessitates us to use an approach to quantisation that is based on the equations of motion alone. Using this we derive the equal time commutation relation between Doplicher-Fredenhagen-RobertsAmorim (DFRA) scalar field and its conjugate, which has non-commutative… 


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