Quantifying the stormwater runoff volume reduction benefits of urban street tree canopy.

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Optimization of Ecosystem Services of Shanghai Urban–Suburban Street Trees Based on Low-Carbon Targets

Road traffic carbon emissions are an important cause of global warming, and street trees play an important role in regulating road carbon emissions. During urbanization, major differences in the

Refining Assignment of Runoff Control Targets with a Landscape Statistical Model: A Case Study in the Beijing Urban Sub-Center, China

Rapid urbanization has triggered large changes to both the urban landscape and the yield and degree of confluence of runoff. The annual runoff volume control rate (ARVCR) is the key target identified

Understanding opportunities for urban forest expansion to inform goals: Working toward a virtuous cycle in New York City

Urban forests are critical infrastructure for mitigating environmental and social challenges cities face. Municipalities and non-governmental entities, among others, often set goals (e.g., tree

Unveiling Falling Urban Trees before and during Typhoon Higos (2020): Empirical Case Study of Potential Structural Failure Using Tilt Sensor

Urban trees in a densely populated environment may pose risks to the public’s safety in terms of the potential danger of injuries and fatalities, loss of property, impacts on traffic, etc. The

Evaluating the effects of vegetation and land management on runoff control using field plots and machine learning models.

Excess surface water after heavy rainfalls leads to soil erosion and flash floods, resulting in human and financial losses. Reducing runoff is an essential management tool to protect water and soil