Quantifying the effect of monensin dose on the rumen volatile fatty acid profile in high-grain-fed beef cattle.

  title={Quantifying the effect of monensin dose on the rumen volatile fatty acid profile in high-grain-fed beef cattle.},
  author={Jennifer Lynn Ellis and Jan Dijkstra and A Bannink and Ermias Kebreab and Sarah E. Hook and Shawn L. Archibeque and James France},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={90 8},
Monensin is a common feed additive used in various countries, where 1 of the associated benefits for use in beef cattle is improved efficiency of energy metabolism by the rumen bacteria, the animal, or both. Modeling fermentation-altering supplements is of interest, and thus, it is the purpose of this paper to quantify the change in VFA profile caused by monensin dose in high-grain-fed beef cattle. The developmental database used for meta-analysis included 58 treatment means from 16 studies… CONTINUE READING
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