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Quantifying the Need for Attorney Pro Bono Services in Connection with the Social Determinants of Health

  title={Quantifying the Need for Attorney Pro Bono Services in Connection with the Social Determinants of Health},
  author={Yi Mao and Stacey R. Beck and B. Bartek and Beatriz Cabrera and Rachell Calhoun and David Coe and Jakob Cronberg and Suren Nalluri and B. Thompson},
The paper estimates the need for additional attorney hours annually to address the legal needs of indigent clients throughout the United States in matters that comprise the so-called social determinants of health (SDoH). The result will inform stakeholders such as policy makers and private donors so they can allocate resources appropriately and design programs to close the do-called justice gap. As a pilot study, the scope of the project covers only a few major justice problems related to the… Expand


Social Determinants of Health.
1 ‘Aboriginal’ throughout this fact sheet refers collectively to the Indigenous inhabitants of Canada, including First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples (as stated in section 35(2) of the ConstitutionExpand
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