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Quantifying the Bullwhip E ect in a Simple Supply Chain : The Impact of Forecasting , Lead Times and Information

  title={Quantifying the Bullwhip E ect in a Simple Supply Chain : The Impact of Forecasting , Lead Times and Information},
  author={Frank Y. Chen and Zvi Drezner and Jennifer K. Ryan},

Mitigation of the bullwhip effect considering trust and collaboration in supply chain management: a literature review

The aim of this paper is to provide results of trust and collaboration that lead to the mitigation of the bullwhip effect in supply chain management through a systematic literature review. The

Modelling and analysis of the bullwhip effect with customers’ baulking behaviours and production capacity constraint

As the service is becoming the strategic preference of the manufacturing companies, bullwhip effect caused by customers’ baulking behaviours is a pervasive and enduring characteristic of supply chain

Inventory dynamics and the bullwhip effect : studies in supply chain performance

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Supply Chain Management with Demand Substitution

This dissertation studied the impact of demand substitution to a supply chain network using “Metamodel” methodology and a network based algorithm to approximate the demand substitution process.

All-zero forecasts for lumpy demand: a factorial study

Lumpy demand is a phenomenon encountered in manufacturing or retailing when the items are slow-moving or too expensive, for example fighter plane engines. So far, the seminal procedure of Croston's

Estimation in supply chain inventory management

Differences in estimation or forecasting procedures could produce dramatically different parameter estimates in supply chain inventory management. We show, for example, that determining when to


O objetivo do artigo é investigar a ocorrência e as causas do efeito chicote na cadeia de suprimentos de produtos de luxo. Foi realizado o método do estudo de caso, que foi conduzido por meio de

Effective bullwhip metrics for multi-echelon distribution systems under order batching policies with cyclic demand

Inventory metrics suggest that using batching policy reduces instability and batching may reduce in general order variance if using larger batches and cycle demand length has no major impact in the bullwhip effect.

A dark side of long-term VMI relationships: supply chain trust

Purpose: This paper investigates a dark side of long-term Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) relationship - supply chain trust - using primary survey data. Focusing on distributor-manufacturer

Lead Times – Their Behavior and the Impact on Planning and Control in Supply Chains

Lead times and their nature have received limited interest in literature despite their large impact on the performance and the management of supply chains. This paper presents a method and a case



Analysis of Inventory Models with Limited Demand Information

  • 1997

Analysis of Inventory Models with Limited Demand Information. Ph.D. Dissertation

  • 1997

Information Distortion in a Supply Chain

(This article originally appeared in Management Science, April 1997, Volume 43, Number 4, pp. 546-558, published by The Institute of Management Sciences.) Consider a series of companies in a supply...

The Stabilizing Effect of Inventory in Supply Chains

A hierarchical model framework is presented for the analysis of the stabilizing effect of inventories in multiechelon manufacturing/distribution supply chains and defines sufficient conditions for the existence of stabilization and relates these conditions to the optimality of myopic control policies.

Inventories and the volatility of production

A stylized fact associated with inventory behavior is that the variance of production exceeds the variance of sales. This paper presents a model of production decisions with demand uncertainty that

Quantifying the Bullwhip E ect

  • 1998

The Bullwhip E ect in Supply Chains

  • SloanManagement Review
  • 1997

Quantifying the Bullwhip E ect : TheImpact of Forecasting , Lead Times and Information

  • 1998

Stochastic Inventory Theory

  • Handbooks in Operations Research and Manage-
  • 1990