Quantifying the Biomechanical Properties of Bovine Skin under Uniaxial Tension


Skin is an important organ and many studies have been carried out to understand its functions and behaviour. Nevertheless, there is still lack of reliable data and theory that could best define skin deformation behaviour. Therefore, this paper aims to quantify the biomechanical properties of bovine under uniaxial tension skin utilising experiment-numerical approach. Bovine skin samples were tested according to ASTM D2209-00 standard to obtain stress-stretch data. Based on the experiment data, a programme is written using Matlab to quantify and determine the bovine skin biomechanical properties. The Ogden parameters are found to be μ = 0.4 and α = 4.6. These values are important for future reference and therefore proving that the current study is significant and has contributed to the pool of knowledge in the area of skin

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