Quantifying hopping and jumping in facilitated diffusion of DNA-binding proteins.

  title={Quantifying hopping and jumping in facilitated diffusion of DNA-binding proteins.},
  author={Claude Loverdo and Olivier B{\'e}nichou and Raphael Voituriez and Andreas Biebricher and Isabelle Bonnet and Pierre Desbiolles},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={102 18},
Facilitated diffusion of DNA-binding proteins is known to speed up target site location by combining three dimensional excursions and linear diffusion along the DNA. Here we explicitly calculate the distribution of the relocation lengths of such 3D excursions, and we quantify the short-range correlated excursions, also called hops, and the long-range uncorrelated jumps. Our results substantiate recent single-molecule experiments that reported sliding and 3D excursions of the restriction enzyme… CONTINUE READING
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