Quantifying Transport Between the Tropical and Mid-Latitude Lower Stratosphere

  title={Quantifying Transport Between the Tropical and Mid-Latitude Lower Stratosphere},
  author={M Volk and Elkins and Fahey and Salawitch and Dutton and Gilligan and Proffitt and Loewenstein and Podolske and Minschwaner and Margitan and Y T Chan},
  volume={272 5269},
Airborne in situ observations of molecules with a wide range of lifetimes (methane, nitrous oxide, reactive nitrogen, ozone, chlorinated halocarbons, and halon-1211), used in a tropical tracer model, show that mid-latitude air is entrained into the tropical lower stratosphere within about 13.5 months; transport is faster in the reverse direction. Because exchange with the tropics is slower than global photochemical models generally assume, ozone at mid-latitudes appears to be more sensitive to… CONTINUE READING
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