Quantification of vesicular zinc in the rat brain

  title={Quantification of vesicular zinc in the rat brain},
  author={Ida Elisabeth Holm and Arne Andreasen and Gorm Danscher and Je{\'u}s P{\'e}rez-Clausell and Henrik Loft Nielsen},
By means of the Neo-Timm method it has recently been shown that zinc is present in a fraction of the round clear synaptic vesicles of certain boutons located primarily in telencephalic structures (Pérez-Clausell and Danscher 1985). It is believed that this zinc belongs to a fraction of the total brain zinc which is histochemically active (Frederickson and Danscher 1988) in that it can be visualized by means of e.g. the Neo-Timm and selenium methods (autometallography). The present study is… CONTINUE READING