Quantification of plasma DNA as a screening tool for lung cancer.

  title={Quantification of plasma DNA as a screening tool for lung cancer.},
  author={Guang-shun Xie and Ai-rong Hou and Long-Yun Li and Yan-ning Gao and Shu-jun Cheng},
  journal={Chinese medical journal},
  volume={117 10},
BACKGROUND Recent studies suggest that circulating DNA may be a potential tumor marker for lung cancer, but most of these studies are conducted between healthy controls and lung cancer patients, with few or no benign lung disease patients included. The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of plasma DNA quantification in discriminating lung cancer from the healthy and benign lung disease. METHODS Plasma DNA was extracted with a QIAamp DNA Blood Midi kit and quantified by a… CONTINUE READING


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