Quantification of free water transport in peritoneal dialysis.

  title={Quantification of free water transport in peritoneal dialysis.},
  author={Watske Smit and Dirk Gijsbert Struijk and Marja M. Ho-dac-Pannekeet and Raymond Theodorus Krediet},
  journal={Kidney international},
  volume={66 2},
BACKGROUND In peritoneal dialysis (PD) total net ultrafiltration (NUF) is dependent on transport through small pores and through water channels in the peritoneum. These channels are impermeable to solutes, and therefore, crystalloid osmotic-induced free water transport occurs through them. Several indirect methods to assess free water transport have been suggested. The difference in NUF between a 3.86% and a 1.36% solution gives a rough indication, but is very time consuming. The magnitude of… CONTINUE READING