Quantification of amyloid-beta 40 in cerebrospinal fluid.

  title={Quantification of amyloid-beta 40 in cerebrospinal fluid.},
  author={Nicolaas A. Verwey and Robert Veerhuis and Harry A. M. Twaalfhoven and Dorine Wouters and Jeroen J. M. Hoozemans and Yves J. M. Bollen and Joep Killestein and Mirko Bibl and Jens Wiltfang and C. Erik Hack and Philip Scheltens and Marinus A. Blankenstein},
  journal={Journal of immunological methods},
  volume={348 1-2},
BACKGROUND Truncated forms and full-length forms of the amyloid-beta 40 (Abeta40) are key molecules in the pathogenesis of dementia, and are detectable in CSF. Reliable methods to detect these biomarkers in CSF are of great importance for understanding the disease mechanisms and for diagnostic purposes. METHODS VU-alpha-Abeta40, a monoclonal antibody (mAb) specifically detecting Abeta40, was generated and characterized by solid and fluid phase ELISA, surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy… CONTINUE READING